Outdoor, Four Season

Professional Dog Photographer

Joy d’Argent

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

*Banff, Canmore, Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Airdrie, Red Deer, Strathmore, Medicine Hat, Okotoks, High River, Lethbridge*

Southern Alberta and Western Canada

Specializing in Custom Fine Art Prints

Naturally Unique Outdoor Dog Photography

Take a “walk in the park”, the Pup Tent Photography way! With a customized, signature photo session designed just for you by a professional zoologist, you’ll see your dog as a model surrounded by nature’s beauty. We’ll create a fun and comfortable experience at the right outdoor location in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Having top quality, professional photographs of your dog enjoying the great outdoors is an experience you don’t want to miss. Create stunning, exhibition-quality wall art with your images – they become your own home gallery for your personal decor.

What are the Benefits of Hiring a Professional Pet Photographer? 


Relax. Our Session is “Chill”. That’s the Biologist’s Way.

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MaxUpYard 1
WinstonBD 1
EastonModel 7
BauerOnTheRun 1

Love Pomskies (husky/pomeranian mix) like the puppy above? Many of the dogs on this website are Pomskies from a very reputable and well-known breeder here in Alberta, Canada: Chinook Pomskies.

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A Session for Every Personality

Every dog is an outdoor model. Each pet has potential. Is yours:

  • goofy
  • puppy-like
  • derpy
  • an escape artist
  • restless
  • any and all of the above?

Because your dog is completely unique in this world, you want a professional photographer that is invested in understanding you, first. The in-person time we spend planning and during the session is so important!  I learn about you, your family and your dog’s personality and physical abilities.

After we’ve planned our session, I become your pet’s personal zoologist photographer! Once I present your personalized photograph gallery, you’ll see so much variety and have a powerful and loving connection from the session experience.

You’ll feel that the images have genuinely captured the dog that you know and love.

See The Simple “Session Design Guide”


Outdoor Dog Photography, Winter Edition

The snow season showcases crisp whites, shadowy blues and clear, frosty skies. Does your dog love romping in the snow? Why not book a wonderfully winter session? Huskies and other Spitz dog breeds are especially energetic at this time in Canada. Although it may be a bit chilly outdoors, we plan a session around your comfort and your pet’s safety.