Outdoor Professional Pet Photographer Sessions

Photography by Joy d’Argent

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

*Banff, Canmore, Cochrane, Bragg Creek, Airdrie, Red Deer, Strathmore, Medicine Hat, Okotoks, High River, Lethbridge*

Southern Alberta and Western Canada

Naturally Unique Calgary Pet Photography

Take a “walk in the park”, the Pup Tent Photography way!  With a customized, signature photo session designed just for you by a professional zoologist, you’ll see your pet as a model surrounded by nature’s beauty. Every pet is photogenic in the great outdoors when we create a fun and comfortable experience at the right location.

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Your Pet’s Connections Revealed

As a professional zoologist (wildlife biologist), I appreciate animals’ connection with nature. They are thinking, sensing, responding to their environment using senses in ways you and I can’t. It’s baffling – but totally fascinating to watch. Then there’s your pet’s loving connection with you. So when you blend these connections together, the sum is much greater than the parts.


Pup Tent Photography is located in the picturesque city of Calgary, Alberta. To create image “magic” in the perfect natural setting, we customize everything to each pet, location and vision. Visit The Nature of Photography  or say HI to begin your pet’s photographic adventure.

Relax. Our Session is “Chill”. That’s the Biologist’s Way.

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Digital Enhancement

Through the magic of technology, your images are enhanced digitally. While I like to take a minimal approach, my philosophy is to edit out the unwanted and enhance the beauty.

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Isn’t this ↑ puppy is adorable? Visit Chinook Pomskies – Arctic Spitz for more pomsky information.


Wait. What is a “Signature” Session?

Let’s face it: some pets are more difficult to photograph than others. Maybe yours is too wiggly. Needs to be on a leash. Is shy. Or maybe too excitable. That’s totally OK and actually, that’s what we want! Everyone wants to see your pet, not an artificial version. Getting genuine behaviour is the best!

Designing your session is easy with our conversations about what your pet can do and what limitations we may have. Comfort and fun with your unique animal in mind. Always.

You want a forever keepsake of that cheeky, or goofy, or charismatic one in your life. Imagine enjoying professional wall art that brings your love and emotion to the surface every time you glance at it.  Why not invest in a forever image?

Because time passes…your love does not.

Fall Photography

Deep oranges, golden yellows, resplendent reds: colourful hues of autumn are a spectacular background for pet photography. This is a busy yet wonderful time, as the days get shorter and cooler. Action and portrait images during these few weeks are so memorable! Many families choose the fall for their engagement, wedding and pet photography. I am so pleased to be booking into September and October – please contact me with the link below and we can begin to plan your unique and personalized session.