Mobile Phone or Professional Images?

One evening I asked my friend to take a mobile phone image of my dogs. I photographed the exact same moment with my camera equipment.

Mobile (iPhone 8) Phone Image

IMG 4808



What makes this photography so special?

  • superior definition and clarity in the brights and darks.
  • more megapixels means more visible details, like fur texture and depth (even the dog tag printing is clear!)
  • professional photography gives you a huge range of each color.
  • truer colors – perfectly saturated and realistic.
  • increased sharpness across the entire exposures of the photo.
  • a closer, more intimate and artistic approach to image composition.
  • digital enhancement removes distracting elements and reveals more of the dogs.
  • only this professional image can be enlarged without losing all these fab details.

Professional photography is an unsurpassed investment in your pet’s beautiful life.