Outdoor Pet Photography in Calgary – The Nature Experience

The Outdoor Experience

Outdoor adventures usually involve nature photography. Mountains, foothills and prairie environments are where we want to be. It’s what we want to see in our home as well. As we enjoy the beauty of the Calgary area, our pets are always by are side. They also connect to the sensations and wonders. Now you can have professional images of your pet in nature, because Pup Tent Photography captures those vivid, unique moments. Nature creates the opportunities. Your pet adds it’s distinct personality, and the rest is unforgettable.

Alberta Seasons of Dog Photography

Here in Southern Alberta, we enjoy gorgeous seasonal settings all year. But you know your pet’s favourite season! For the very best photography, select a photo session during the outdoor temperatures and conditions that you enjoy the most, together.

Looking for inspiration? View frost-to-fall photography in Galleries.

A Puppy!

Congratulations! You’re introducing the dream puppy into your family. It’s so important to realize that the puppy stage of life is brief. Dog photography during this brief transition is an opportunity that you can’t miss. You can choose any location during this time, honestly! Pups have special requirements and this is all part of the session planning.

The Last Season

Pets share our love and our lives but sadly, they are only with us for a little while. Having professional images is a reminder of who they were and how you feel about them. Because their last photos are so incredibly special, I am honoured to be part of an end-of-life session.

The connection and bond is never broken.

LifeCycles 2

Blending Nature and Technology

A Backpack of Equipment

The temperature in Calgary ranges from 37 to -37 degrees Celsius in the rich prairie, foothill and mountain environments. I’m out there through it all. With the highest resolution Nikon camera and exceptional quality Nikkor lenses, I can capture gorgeously true, rich colors. Portrait images? Sure. Action? No problem.

The Leashed and the Lazy

Your pet is not a model? No worries. That’s their nature.

One of my pomskies is completely uncooperative. That’s OK! Being himself for a photo is exactly what I love to see. Whether it’s energetic, goofy, inattentive or anything within the realm of possibility, my photography is all about what I call “soul” images: photos should beam with unique personalities. Even if they need to be leashed, corralled, or repositioned, some minor post-processing eliminates our challenges.

RAW ImageRAW Image

The Pup Tent Guarantee

It’s my guarantee that you’ll absolutely love your proof gallery. You may even have trouble selecting your favourites! Visit Praise┬áto read testimonials about my clients’ photo sessions.