Meet the Photographer

Joy d’Argent


Just like you, I have a cellphone with hundreds of pet photos. Sharing these images with your family and community keeps you connected to the world. Even with  the latest and greatest phone, I still felt disappointed with the images. When printing the photos from my phone the final images were lack lustre and did not display the way I expected. I knew there was a better way to retain the quality of the photos I so lovingly captured.

Click HERE to see a Mobile Phone Image vs. a Professional Image

A Pomsky Named Parka

My husky/pomeranian dog Parka earned a loyal following on Instagram through my phone photos. Instagram is interactive with family, friends and dog communities all around the world. Facebook too. We gained followers and friends, but I was always wanting more from my photography. Add a flagship Nikon camera, premium lenses, and my outdoor gear and I began our photography career.

The Oxygen

Over the years I have had truly amazing things happen to me through my animal biologist (zoologist) career outdoors. I have been stung by  jellyfish, attacked by a hawk, frightened by moose, and crossed paths with grizzlies (and most recently a black bear with cubs!). There’s nothing like feeling connected to all animals while witnessing the symphony of nature. It’s soul magic and my oxygen.

Now I want to show you how nature can be the backdrop to your own incredible pet images.

Home Art

Once I started taking high resolution photos of Parka and everyone’s pets, I couldn’t stop. I wanted to provide the best in outdoor pet photography. Then I trained  in the latest of digital techniques and now I collaborate with a fine art developing company in Calgary. Being able to see a photograph a dog’s adventures is a joy. Loving the final, so very personalized home decor is the ultimate achievement.

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The Dog Blog

Keep up to date with Pup Tent Photograpy’s special events and adventures with zoology and photography in The Chronicles.

Charity and Conservation

Pup Tent Photography is proud to support Parachutes for Pets, a non-profit charity in Calgary Assisting low-income individuals, this organization provides affordable and necessary veterinarian care through events and auctions.

Believing in wildlife preservation and giving back, I will be contributing to international organizations and local (Calgary) charities through events, promotions and contributions from your purchases. Join The Pup Pack – my email newsletter with announcements, special offers and helpful information.

The Joy of Pomskies

Many of the dogs you’ll see on Pup Tent Photography are pomskies, or Arctic Spitz breed: 1/2 Pomeranian, 1/2 Husky. I do love my close association with Chinook Pomskies, one of Canada’s most reputable breeders. (Parka and Pongo were adopted from here.) Because pomskies are personality-rich and outdoorsy, they are often the subjects in my images. Check out more adorable pomskies at Chinook Pomskies – Arctic Spitz.

My Favourite Doggo Website

Want to have some fun? Visit The Proud Dog Mom for useful information and some amusement. Great dog content.

Visit Our Calgary Groomer

Would you like to have your dog groomed before our session? This quaint shop is in the Bowness community of Calgary: Atomic Dog Boutique, Beastro & Grooming. You’ll also find the cutest accessories (like sweet bow ties!) that you can buy anywhere on this side of the Rocky Mountains.